Welcome to Our Practice

At ABQ Podiatry our primary job is to take care of your feet.  But we know our job is much more than feet. Feet are an important part of your well-being and critical in maintaining your quality of life.  Therefore, it is crucial to coordinate foot care with the rest of your body.  Depending on your needs, our team will communicate with your primary care physician, your specialists, and your other healthcare professionals.  Experience has shown us how critical walking is to total health, and we strive with every patient to achieve pain-free walking comfort.

What makes ABQ Podiatry different?  We begin with everyone in our office.  We believe the patient comes first; before the computer, before the mail, before ordering supplies.  Each person on our staff is committed to helping you, our patients—by making you as comfortable as possible.  Our office provides an environment that's comfortable, helping you feel at ease. We use artwork and flowers to brighten the setting and relaxing music in the background.  We’re fortunate to have a staff that works well together; you can see that they enjoy what they're doing.

As active and engaged podiatrists, we have the valuable experience of having practiced for many years.  We believe in staying on top of technology, adopting only those procedures and techniques that have been proven to be effective.  For years, podiatrists have used surgical and non-surgical techniques to care for foot and ankle problems.  Today we continue our quest to be the best at this modality of treatment.  We've always known that shoes are basic to healthy feet. And now, to make it easier for you, we carry a line of Medicare-approved shoes that have been shown to help persons diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis, and foot deformities. We know they work...  our doctors and staff wear them too!


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